Dance is a deep movement arising from the most unfathomable regions in a human being.  It is the movement of life, biological rhythm, heartbeat, breath, it is an impulse to connect with the species, it is a movement of intimacy.  Professor Rolando Toro

Biodanza is one of the most powerful body-based coaching system that can have profound effects on reducing stress and enhancing your sense of wellbeing. 

It has personal transformation effects using amazing world music and dance. During the session we will experience connection to oneself,  another and connection to the whole group. The very nature of its system makes it difficult to grasp cognitively.  Biodanza needs to be experienced; to be lived, and it is in this living of it that we can embrace its full meaning.

Biodanza is a safe space to explore your own organic dance, to find your own unique creative expression.  There are no steps to learn, there is just the music, your movement, the group experience and some gentle guidance.

In a session you will need to bring some loose comfortable clothing, we dance barefoot, and participate in something called a "Vivencia (a lived moment)", which lasts for approximately one and  a half hours.  During this time we are taken through a sequence of movements, the medium of rhythm and music invokes our own organic form of dance.

You can learn more  at The Art of Biodanza