Is for everyone with the courage to move their body and take a journey inward.  To trust our participation, both outwardly and inwardly and to be able to flow with our own creative energy into a place of stillness, of connection with ourselves.  As we regularly practice we will begin to experience a deep sense of wholeness which arises from the unfathomable depth of the cosmic DANCE.

All the mystics have said "If we do not go within, we go without".  DANCEmandala provides a safe space to explore our outer and inner worlds.  We meet weekly, on Saturdays for 2 hours, there is a 30 minute arrival window, where we warm up, followed by a journey through ecstatic dance to stillness.  Each session is different working with spirals within the body.  Check out the global website for more details and information



DANCEmandala is an opportunity to experience your own Inner Dancer, to connect deeply to your intuitive heart and feel your own liberation.

Everyone is welcome to this practice, to be inspired by dance as a way to stretch and release the body, calm the mind, raise self-awareness and cultivate inner strength, flexibility, flow and a deeper connection with life.

“I have never attended anything where I felt so safe and so free to be me”.
— DANCEmandala participant Feb 2017