Each movement practice offered is about your
personal liberation through an authentic journey of
Dance, Movement and Meditation


A unique system of personal transformation that encourages deep connections to self, others, and the universal collective through your own organic movement.

Shake it

A practice that releases the body in extraordinary ways. 

Voice and Percussion

An opportunity to find your own primal sounds, using drums & percussion to explore the use of your voice.


Wild Women Shake

The time is now. Roar loud, for you are Woman. A session for women only.


Your own personal movement meditation.




Experience greater stillness,
more creativity and joy

Which practice will you enjoy? 
Have a go, dive in and start to explore yourself.

I am like most other humans, I have needs, desires, inspirational thoughts, negative emotions like anger, jealousy and sometimes experience feeling like a stranger in my own skin, thankfully I mostly manage to Dance it all away.  During a journey into dance I can allow myself to be present to what is, without judging or assessing, just living each moment of movement as it comes, trusting that all is well in my world.  The body, one of the most intelligent systems on earth, never lies, it speaks of who we are.  These practices will teach us to start to hear and acknowledge it's wise counsel.  By giving in to the movement of my body, I am finally able to let go of my mind.

Often when I’m feeling completely at odds with myself or I feel trapped in my mind, I get up and move, sometimes I put my headphones on clear a space in my kitchen and with a great piece of drumming music I will either shake or dance like no one is watching.