Biodanza, Voice and Percussion is an experience where you can begin the journey to find your own voice, get to know your personal primal sounds. I have such passion for  working with voice, quite often in life we are afraid to speak out, this is just the beginning and I would love you to join me on a great journey of discovery.

“We are all musical notes in the great symphony of life, it is our job to fine tune our own note”.
— Hazard Inayat Khan

 Most of us never find our "own note" never mind fine tune it, these sessions are designed to have some fun with your voice, by using live drumming and percussion we begin to stimulate the movement of the voice.  We will remove all the mythology around singing and allow our voice to be heard.  I personally  believe that everyone has a voice, we just need to get to know it, learn to trust it and start using it.  Do come along and get to know your own "Note".
You will be most welcomed