Welcome woman
I receive you and embrace you just as you are

Thank you Wild Women for finding your way here.  

Are you looking for a space where you can release the demands of daily life, have  fun and enjoy a community of like minded women?
Are you looking for a place to come and be your true self?

I know that life in London can be demanding, at times work can be stressful, commuting is not always a joyful experience, and holding down a career whilst perhaps juggling a family is challenging.

"Find time to meditate or relax" says a well meaning friend
"Are you kidding me? I barely get time to have some lunch".

I understand, I've been there. 

Are you listening to your wise inner voice?  

In my experience it is us that has to give ourselves permission. We have to listen to our bodies and the wisdom of self love who sweetly calls and asks us to go easy, take a break and relax.

Have you heard the old Zen saying?
"You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes every day
Unless you are too busy
Then you should sit for an hour"

This is your invitation

Wild Women Shake is

  • An abundant monthly opportunity to leave it all at the door and for 3 hours  "Shake It Out".  
  • A space for you to reveal the parts of yourself that are wild, ecstatic, expressive and free.  
  • A journey with other like minded women who would like to connect and feel supported.

At Wild Woman Shake London you will experience release of your physical, emotional, etheric and mental bodies.

Meditation / Dance /  Presence


What happens in a session?

  • Each Wild Woman session lasts three hours
  • Your experience will start with a 60 minute "Shake" including live sacred percussion and
    the use of our primal voices. Check out my blog for information about this practice.
  • Flowing into stillness, the breath and a guided meditation. Learn more about this
  • Then an opportunity for you to share (if you choose) with other women. I'd like to hear more about this

What to bring?

  • Some loose comfortable clothing
  • Water
  • A blanket if you find you get cold during meditation
  • A yoga mat if you prefer this when laying on the floor
  • Your beautiful Self

So now you've been invited, all that's left is for you to say is yes !
And your first session is free.
Numbers are limited so do get in touch if you'd like to attend.

I look forward to welcoming you.