Hello and Welcome

Sue James | Biodanza

 The pathway to liberation begins with a single step and I thank you for taking the time to find your way here.

If you are anything like me you may experience the stresses and strain of daily life living in a large City like London.  I often find the travel tedious, people unfriendly and disconnected, there is a lack of time available to just meet with friends.  Most of my day appears to have work in every corner.  I seem to need to work harder and harder to pay for my every day living.  I have basic needs, desires, expectations, I get hooked into negative thoughts I can even feel angry and jealous at times.  There are also inspirational thoughts, creative moments too, however,  there are times I can feel like a stranger in my own skin and alone in a crowd of people.  A question I often ask myself is   " really, whats it all about"?

Thankfully though today I mostly manage to Dance, sing or shake it all out of my body.
During a journey into movement I can allow myself to be present to what is, without judging or assessing, just living each moment as it comes, trusting that all is well in my world. The body is one of the most intelligent systems on earth, never lies, it speaks of who we are. The practices I teach will help us to hear and acknowledge our body's wise counsel.  By giving in to the movement of my own body, I am finally able to let go of my mind, and my passion is to share this with you.

Often when Iā€™m feeling completely at odds with myself or I feel trapped in my mind, I get up and move, sometimes I put my headphones on clear a space in my kitchen and with a great piece of drumming music I will either shake or dance like no one is watching, you will be amazed at how different I can feel in just 10 minutes.  So even if you never attend a class or come to one of the events, I recommend you do this, Dance in the garden, the kitchen, your bedroom,  just raise the roof with some music and let your body, your voice do the rest of the work.

I do hope you Dance and I that see you soon