Hello dear heart

My name is Sue James and it is an honour to receive you here

I am a human, a woman, daughter, grandmother, mother, sister, aunt and friend to some truly beautiful people.  
I'm sure we have many things in common,  the obvious one is that we are part of the same tribe – a tribe of women.

I am passionate about supporting women in releasing stress and re-connecting to deeper parts of themselves so they can feel comfortable, confident and more connected to their passion.

Life has been my teacher and I have lived a lot, learning from my mistakes as I go.
I've run my own successful  business, worked in accounting, travelled to many wonderful places, made money along the way and I can honestly say, I am happiest when I'm sharing from the heart, in nature, being fully present in my body and supporting others to do the same.

Our bodies are such wonderful things, so wise and honest. When we are present enough to listen to the rhythm of the body it joyfully leads us to our truth.

I have always been interested in my own personal development. I am a graduate of Landmark Education, I coached on the Self Expression & Leadership Programme and I completed Insight Seminars 1-4 as well as being a Professor of Biodanza.  

At 50 I started singing and found that this opened up all my creative energy.  I love working  with voice, movement and percussion, I meditate regularly and I consider myself a seeker on the mystical pathway, I celebrate all that is beautiful about myself and other women.  

Wild Woman Shake is a creation born from my passion for women to consciously know all aspects of themselves and to be powerfully comfortable whist walking their path. 

I look forward to meeting you.
You can connect with me here and check out my upcoming events here.
With Love