A powerful body-based coaching system with profound effects on reducing stress and enhancing a sense of wellbeing that gives rise to deeper connections to oneself, to others and to our world.

Dance is a deep movement arising from the most unfathomable regions in a human being.  It is the movement of life, biological rhythm, heartbeat, breath, it is an impulse to connect with the species, it is a movement of intimacy.  
— Professor Rolando Toro

What is Biodanza? 

The very nature of its system makes it difficult to grasp cognitively. 

It is a safe space to explore your own organic dance form, to become awareand continue to experience your own unique creative expression, through a group connection.  There are no steps to learn, there is just the music, your movement, the group and some gentle guidance.

 Biodanza creates opportunities for personal and group transformation like no other system I know of.

What happens in a Biodanza session?

Biodanza needs to be experienced-to be lived. It is in the living of it that we can embrace its full meaning.

The session offers something called a 'Vivencia' (a lived moment), which lasts for approximately one and a half hours, the body becomes our language and is the heart of our practice. It helps us to access deeper parts of ourselves as we are guided through a sequence of movements. With the medium of rhythm and music our own organic form of dance is evoked,  creating the space for our true essence to emerge.  This essence connects to the heart of who we are and in turn this transforms who we are in the world.


Biodanza classes | London

Classes times and dates

Biodanza is on every Thursday evening (for most of the year) at The Place in London from 7.30-9pm. Please do check our schedule for more details.

Cost of a Biodanza Class

Each class is £12 and concessions are £8.  You can pay on the day at the start of the class. We also offer Bio cards for non concession prices that offer a discount:
Pay for 4 classes £48– and get 1 free class.
Pay for 8 classes £96 – and get 2 free classes.
You can purchase these at the class on arrival.

What to bring to a Biodanza session

Please bring some water and wear some loose comfortable clothing.
We dance barefoot so no shoes are needed and there are no steps to learn.

I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!