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The Path Of Love with Sue James & Carolina Churba-Doyle

Sunday, February 17, 2019 1:30 PM  7:00 PM

The Place
17 Duke's Road

Shams of Tabriz ( Rumi’s Spiritual Teacher) was quoted as saying:

When Love comes to us, it is like a stone hurled into the tranquil pond of life and if we are lucky, we are unable to resist its call, and sometimes, whether we like it or not, Love consumes us.

This workshop is for those who sometimes hear the call of Love, who can hear life’s symphony in all its glory and are willing to take a deeply rewarding journey through movement, emotion, exploration with the medium of music and with human contact.

The path to the truth of the body is most certainly a labour of the heart and not the mind, during our sessions we will be guided by our body and our hearts.

We all have a story of Love, which could have been joyful or painful. However, one thing is certain, we have survived. We went for it and we are wearing our scars with pride. Who has not been hurt by love? We invite you to come along and dance with the Language of Love.

There will be two Vivencia’s with a bring and share lunch.

Workshop starts at 1.30 pm until 7 pm.

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Concession Ticket £35

The Path of Love
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