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Woman's Full Moon Biodanza Workshop (temple)

Full Moon Biodanza London

You are warmly invited to dance with us under the power of the Full Moon in Scorpio.

Go with the flow and let go!

May’s full moon is a Scorpio Moon and all about emotions. Scorpio is ruled by the planet Pluto, which, governs death and rebirth, as well as our guttural, animalistic urges so it’s the perfect time to go with the flow and let go.

Each month the full moon energy gives us the opportunity to shine a light on where we are in our lives. It illuminates what is most active within us, be it pride, joy, sorrow or sadness.

The celestial energies support us in our understanding and perception.

As well as the powerful full moon energy we will call in and utilise the elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water to further support us in our movement expression and understanding of both our inner and outer worlds.

Time to be with yourself and other women in sacred space

This is an opportunity to allow yourself to some sacred time in a space dedicated to women and the feminine. Allow yourself to explore your emotions, feelings and understanding through movement and dance in the container of sacred space.

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Participate in a most beautiful cleansing ritual using sage which has proven cleansing properties and rose which honours the Divine Feminine and helps us to access the Goddess within.

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This Woman's Full Moon Biodanza Temple will be gently and skilfully held by

Phillipa Kennan


I have a flourishing weekly Biodanza class in Berkhamsted which brings enriched connection to my local community and my own life.

I found Rolando Toro's system of human integration, transformation and vivencial rehabilitation truly wonderful. I took my Biodanza training slowly but have now been practicing and teaching for many years. It still deeply inspires and moves me.

Of the many applications and extensions of Biodanza I have developed specialisms in: The Minotaur project; The 4 Elements; Neo Shamanism and Biodanza and The Heart of the Transformation. I have also worked with children.

I have 2 grown up children and work as a reflexologist.

Sue James


I am passionate about supporting women in releasing stress and re-connecting to deeper parts of themselves so they can feel comfortable, confident and more connected to their passion.

Life has been my teacher and I have lived a lot, learning from my mistakes as I go.
I am happiest when I'm sharing from the heart, in nature, being fully present in my body and supporting others to do the same.

I have always been interested in my own personal development. I am a graduate of Landmark Education, I coached on the Self Expression & Leadership Programme and I completed Insight Seminars 1-4 as well as being a Professor of Biodanza.  

What to bring

Bring something that resonates with you and that you’d like to place on the beautiful alter we will co-create.

Wear loose clothing that you feel comfortable in, with a couple of layers as you may get both hot and cold.

Preferably you will be barefoot but if you feel you’d like or need to wear shoes then please bring some flat soft ones.

Please note that the entrance to 'The Place' is on Flaxman Terrace and the workshop will be held in Studio 5

There are a maximum of 30 space so booking is essential.

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The Truth of the Body, a Biodanza, Voice and Percussion Workshop
2:00 PM14:00

The Truth of the Body, a Biodanza, Voice and Percussion Workshop

Sunday, April 7, 2019 2:00 - 7:00 PM The Place Studio 9, 17 Duke's Road , London, WC1H 9PY 

Our voice is a primordial instrument which uses nature as it's teacher. We will invite the deep wisdom that is already within us out to play.
Join us as we explore and reclaim our voice - which is our own personal unique sound, so that we can write our song of life.

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2:00 PM14:00

The Path Of Love - Sue James & Carolina Churba-Doyle

Shake London | Biodanza | Love.jpg

Biodanza Deepening Workshop

Shams of Tabriz ( Rumi’s Spiritual Teacher) was quoted as saying:

When Love comes to us, it is like a stone hurled into the tranquil pond of life and if we are lucky, we are unable to resist its call, and sometimes, whether we like it or not, Love consumes us.

This workshop is for those who sometimes hear the call of Love, who can hear life’s symphony in all its glory and are willing to take a deeply rewarding journey through movement, emotion, exploration with the medium of music and with human contact.

The path to the truth of the body is most certainly a labour of the heart and not the mind, during our sessions we will be guided by our body and our hearts.

We all have a story of Love, which could have been joyful or painful. However, one thing is certain, we have survived. We went for it and we are wearing our scars with pride. Who has not been hurt by love? We invite you to come along and dance with the Language of Love.

There will be two Vivencia’s with a bring and share lunch.

Workshop starts at 2.00 pm until 7 pm.

Full Priced ticket £45
Concession Ticket £35

New to Biodaza? Please Note*

This workshop provides an opportunity for those that have attended Biodanza Classes before to deepen their Biodanza experience. If you are new to Biodanza and feel drawn to this workshop please contact Sue before booking so that she can advise whether this is the best workshop for you.

For further information contact Sue on 07535 504271 or use the contact form here

Refunds and cancellation policy

100% refund given if cancelled at least 14 days prior to the event.

50% refund given if cancelled at least 7 days prior to the event.

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