If you are anything like me you have had another hectic month with the demands of everyday life pulling you in all directions.  Getting together with friends helps a lot, so does a long walk in nature, a yoga class and some meditation, but imagine having a space for you to really let loose.

Mindful moments

Whoever you are... you can leave it all at the door and experience yourself free.

Each session lasts a couple of hours, and flows into a  60 minute "Shake".  During which we will  use percussion instruments  to help us release our blocked energy and get to know our Primal Voice. There is an opportunity to dance yourself, like no one is watching, we then bring the body to the breath, and relax into a guided meditation. 

The final part of the session is for women to share with other women.  I love the principle that all humans need to be heard, that we already know the answers to all our questions.  We just need to hold a space for each other to hear our own soul speak its wisdom and truth.

What to bring

Some loose comfortable clothing, water, a blanket if you find you get cold during meditation and a yoga mat if you prefer this when laying on the floor.


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My name is Sue James and it is an honour to receive you here

I am a human, a woman, daughter, grandmother, mother, sister, aunt and friend to some truly beautiful people.  
I'm sure we have many things in common,  the obvious one is that we are part of the same tribe – a tribe of women.

I am passionate about supporting women in releasing stress and re-connecting to deeper parts of themselves so they can feel comfortable, confident and more connected to their passion.

Life has been my teacher and I have lived a lot, learning from my mistakes as I go.
I've run my own successful  business, worked in accounting, travelled to many wonderful places, made money and I can honestly say, I'm  happiest when I'm sharing from the heart, in nature, being fully present in my body and supporting others to do the same.

Our bodies are such wonderful things, so wise and honest. When we are mindful enough to listen to the rhythm of the body it joyfully leads us to our truth.

I am a graduate of

  • Landmark Forum,
  • Insight Seminars 
  • Professor of Biodanza.  

At 50 I started singing and discovered that this opened me to  my abundant creative energy.  

I work with

  • Voice
  • Movement
  • Percussion 
  • Meditation

I consider myself a seeker on the mystical pathway, celebrating all that is beautiful about being human.




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Thank you Wild Women for finding your way here.  
Are you looking for a space where you can release the demands of daily life, have  fun and enjoy a community of like minded women?
Are you looking for a place to come and be your true self


I know that life in London can be demanding, at times work can be stressful, commuting is not always a joyful experience, and holding down a career whilst perhaps juggling a family is challenging.

"Find time to meditate or relax" says a well meaning friend
"Are you kidding me? I barely get time to have some lunch".

I understand, I am there too. 

There is no doubt that modern life is fast paced with demands on our time increasing. 

Are you listening to your wise inner voice?  In my experience it is us that has to give ourselves permission. We have to listen to our bodies and the wisdom of self love who sweetly calls and asks us to go easy, take a break and relax.

Have you heard the old Zen saying?
"You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes every day
Unless you are too busy
Then you should sit for an hour"

Here is your invitation

Wild Women Shake is

  • An abundant monthly opportunity to leave it all at the door and for 3 hours  "Shake It Out".  
  • A space for you to reveal the parts of yourself that are wild, ecstatic, expressive and free.  
  • A journey with other like minded women who would like to connect and feel supported.

At Wild Woman Shake London you will experience release of your physical, emotional,  etheric and  mental bodies.

Meditation  Dance  Presence.

What happens in a session?

  • Your experience will start with a 60 minute "Shake" including live sacred drumming and using our voices.
     Check out my blog for information about this practice.
  • Followed by a guided meditation. Learn more about this
  • Then an opportunity for you to share (if you choose) with other women. I'd like to hear more about this

What to bring?

  • Some loose comfortable clothing
  • Water
  • A blanket if you find you get cold during meditation
  • A yoga mat if you prefer this when laying on the floor
  • Your beautiful Self

So now you've been invited, all that's left is for you to say yes !

I've made it even easier for you to have a great time by offering your 1st session for free.
And if you love it and become a regular you get your 4th session free.

However, numbers are limited so do get in touch if you are attending.

Connect with me for more information and to book your session at Wild Women Shake London



A random quote i saw and thought of you (maybe to use on FB )

In many shamanic societies, if you came to a medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions: 

When did you stop dancing? 
When did you stop singing? 
When did you stop being enchanted by stories? 
When did you stop being comforted by the sweet territory of silence?

~ Gabrielle Roth